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Brush size preview using Surface Pro 4 together with the Surface pen

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I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or this could be a bug but I noticed this:

- If I open an image and select b for brush tool, the brush size preview (the circle) is working correctly  with the right colour  using both the pen and the mouse (program ui is working fine);

- if I create a new document file/new/b for brush tool (important: using the pen to give these commands) the brush tool preview (the circle) is visible both with the pen and the mouse but has no colour until I make the first stroke/draw with the pen or with the mouse (after that the colour appears inside the preview circle); program ui is freezed if I want to use the mouse to give a command (for example saving the file, close the program etc.) and is working only using the pen, the pointer of the mouse is moving but it's impossible to give commands (menu options not greyout but not active); but if I make something with the pen (browsing the menu is enough) the mouse starts working again and interact with the program.

- if I create a new document file/new/b for brush tool (important: using the mouse to give these commands) the pen has only a pointer instead of the circle until I begin to draw with the pen or if the mouse pointer remains inside the image area (the preview circle is transparent), program ui is working both with the pen and the mouse;


PS: I use my Surface Pro 4 with its signature type cover and when I talk about using the mouse I mean I'm using the trackpad ;

"show brush size preview" and "enable pointer support" are both enabled under "preferences";

Affinity Photo is version

Any suggestion would be appreciated and sorry for my english.


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1 hour ago, GabrielM said:

Hi @Claudio60,

The brush preview would only work if you have a working layer selected. Otherwise, there is nothing to preview. So, if you don't have a layer created and it's just an empty document, this would be expected. 



I'm feeling so stupid…

Thank you Gabe


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