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[Duplicate] Designer & Photo NOT SAVING!! (mult conditions)

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Two “Save” issues:


1) With both Affinity Designer, and Photo, the "Share" button will not work. It has been this way on my iPad Pro for several revisions of both programs. I was expecting a bug fix, but it hasn't happened yet. The Share button will depress, but nothing happens. If I press it a second time quickly, it will not depress again. If I wait 10 seconds or so, it will depress again, but still nothing happens.


2) The second problem is regarding the Export of slices in Affinity Designer. No matter what I try, it will only open iOS's "Files" app, but the option to save anything does not appear. I can change and traverse folders. I always select Designer folder "On My iPad" that I have saved other works in from affinity, but no save button appears ... you only have the default functions of the Files app.


iPad Pro 2 512 iOS 11.X




BTW ... does anyone know if there is a way to directly save to the iOS’s Photo app when using picture formats?  I have a workaround but it is cumbersome. Thanks




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To save directly to Photos, Open the Export screen. Drag up from bottom to show springboard, select and drag Photos icon to open along Export screen. Select Export format (png, jpg etc) and drag the selected formats 'button' across to Photos, when you see the plus sign let go of the button. The image will now appear in Photo.

Alternatively, Tap Share then choose Save image.


To Export slices, Export all, tap select (top right of screen) tap desired folder, tap Open (top right. - don't tap Done). Screen changes back to Slices menu. Tap Export all again. The first time sets up the folder. The second time transfers the slice/s.


Share button works for me but you need to let it finish generating the export before the Share button is activated. If it’s a big file this can take more time.

IPad Pro 10.5 512GB iOS 12.3.1 Affinity Photo Affinity Design Publisher for iPad ?

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