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Edit in Photo from Designer

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20 hours ago, AlainP said:

I just tried it as I didn't know it could be done in the beta version. I created a new document in Designer, placed a jpg image on the page and selected "Edit in Photo".

Photo started and opened the document. But then..... The document disapears from Designer and after editing, export or not, I can't close Photo as it always display the following:

"At least one file is currently being opened. Please wait for files to load before quitting the application." From then on I only can escape this by closing Photo with Tasdk Manager.


20 hours ago, Petar Petrenko said:

Yes, same problem here. Closed with Task Manager, too.

This is a known issue that is with development, that should be fixed in the next release.


15 hours ago, Phil_rose said:

For me this is the answer! I had installed Photo beta but not run it. Now I have run it and total success! I think I hadn't agreed to the terms of service and so on and that was the problem Thanks all.

This is the way it has worked for a long time. Essentially the app has to register itself and the EXE's location to ensure the other app can launch it.

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