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AffDes, Photo, Publisher: Where is the guides lock/unlock feature?

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>>>>> What happened to the Guides "Editing" feature (lock/unlock guides ).

>>>>> What happened to the Guides Independent Drag feature (drag guides at any moment, regardless of tool used)

In ALL Beta Builds, Designer, Photo, Publisher !!

As it is now, we're back to square one with this,  and that was 4 years ago ---



That what you do not yet know is more important than what you already know-Jordan Peterson

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I totally agree with you.

MEB told us that they want to change the behavior of the guides to make them simple managed. The thing is that right now there is not "lock/unlock" feature and any "new easy way to manage".

As I said at other post, the button and behavior of the first betas was perfect and useful. Now we don't have anything.

Please make come back the "lock/unlock" button!!!!

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