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Hey everyone!

I'm unsure whether or not this is a bug.
When exporting slices, they have to be set to retina (2x) in order to get the intended full resolution. Besides being an extra step, this unnecessarily adds "@2" prefixes to all the slices even though it's just supposed to be at once the resolution chosen on file creation.

Best wishes,

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Hi @shushustorm,

What is document DPI?

The slice export size ( 1x, 2x, 3x, etc) is linked with your document DPI. 1x is considered 72, and so on.

If your document DPI is set to 72, you will have the following for a 100px square

  • .5x - 50 x 50
  • 1x - 100 x 100
  • 2x - 200 x 200
  • 3x - 300 x 300

@144 dpi, you're basically working on 2x. So you will have:

  • .5x - 25 x 25
  • 1x - 50 x 50
  • 2x - 100 x 100
  • 3x - 150 x 150

@216 dpi, you're working on 3x

  • .5x - 16 x 16
  • 1x - 33 x 33
  • 2x - 66 x 66
  • 3x - 100 x 100

I hope this helps. 

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Hey Gabriel!

I see. Thanks for your reply! I am not used to set any DPI values, since I am mostly using the images for 3D graphics, so this confused me a lot. But it seems to makes sense if 72DPI is the standard resolution. (Which is still somewhat confusing, since current devices rarely run on 72DPI and for printing, you would rather use 300DPI) Thanks for clarifying! So this is indeed intended behaviour.

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