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...Special price for additional licenses!

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I purchased Windows versions of Affinity photo and Affinity Design.

I read that to have even the Mac OS version, we have to buy a new license, unfortunately at full price!
Then... can You please, consider making a special price to those who have already bought a license for an OS versions and would like to buy one more for a different OS?

I believe and surely also many other users will be happy.
Thank You.
Best regards!

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Thanks for the answers,
I considered the fact that with every new version of AP. and A.D. we have to make a paid upgrade and the price does not become very low, seems like a subscription and for those with different computers/device -i.e. A.P. and A.D. for windows and MacOs- the price raise up to €219,96, and IMHO it's not a very low price! Others similar software at least are multi platform/device and with just a licence code or account You can install wherever you want, so user can easily manage everything, also the general workflow.
Anyway, thanks again for the answers. I will use AP and AD, till version 2.0 comes out. However, in a couple of years of use I can say “they do their job” pretty well! Over time, I will see the offers that the market will offer...
Thanks again.
Best regards.

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57 minutes ago, Zox said:

Others similar software at least are multi platform/device

Licences for the Affinity apps are already multi-device. If Serif were to make them also multi-platform, we would all end up paying nearly twice as much, so those of us who use both Mac and Windows would be getting a subsidy from those of us who only ever use one platform.

As for paid upgrades, they are very infrequent and not mandatory, so the subscription analogy really doesn’t apply.

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Hi Alfred, maybe You are Right!

...anyway I'm a little doubtful, :35_thinking:so I will use A.P. and A.D., with all free upgrades, just till new version comes out and I will see the offers of the market...
Thanks, cheer!

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