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Could you please add a DAM to Affinity Photo?  Or at least develop a program similar to Lightroom or Aperture?  

If your looking for ideas please look at Apertures filing system.  I have found it to be the most robust filing system as far as flexibility for storing images and sorting images.  There are many neat features on it and I found it a lot more user friendly than Lightroom.  It's editing capabilities are outdated, but it's DAM features are second to none.



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Polygonius I have been chasing them up about a DAM since they launched their photo app.  It is been in the pipeline for some time now.  

Lacking this feature has really impacted on the amount of photographers I know switching to Affinity Photos as they need a DAM to manage their images, so they stick with lightroom holding out for something better to come along.

Affinity releasing a DAM will be a game changer in the Photography software industry. I'm guessing it will disrupts things for Adobe like Apple's Aperture did when they released that.

Hopefully the team read the suggestions in these forums and get their DAM right when it finally comes :) 

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Back in 2016, Affinity were saying this:

"A separate DAM product is they way we are going - but there is nothing to see yet.

Work has started, but it's going to be 2017 before you hear anything of consequence from us about it."

But here we are on the threshold of 2019 and still nothing.  It's very disappointing and suggests that there has been a radical shift of thinking.  I guess I'm just going to have to continue using Lightroom (sigh).

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Hope they continue with this and get the DAM thing done and out to us. Just tried Luminar 3 with Libraries and can't even get it to install on my iMac. Desperately want a DAM solution that has nothing to do with Adobe, but haven't found anything successful yet. If Affinity were to launch this, I think creatives worldwide would flock to it.

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