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Mariusz go

Editing the shape, selecting nodes - accuracy

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I’m having the same issue with the pencil. I have to zoom right in to select the node to move it but because I’m zoomed so close I can no longer judge where to move the node because I can’t see the whole line.

There is an annoying delay with tapping on the node and getting it to move using the Apple Pencil. 

Finally, the magnifier tool automatically shows right over the line I’m adjusting and gets in the way of me seeing where I’m moving the node. I wish I could turn off the magnifier. 

These issues are seriously hindering progress with lettering I’m trying to design. Spent hours on one letter last night and still not finished due to the damn nodes functionality!

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I agree finding it tricky to hand trace shapes and then adjust


much easier for hand drawing with pen tool freeform

much more tricky to adjust points 


find I create new nodes can’t find the node I want and need to zoom too much

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This is also a desktop issue. In corel draw back in the day, as i recall, they avoided this by making it necessary to select a node before control handles would appear. Perhaps that small extra step could make moving nodes from a grab'n drag action more fluid. I agree, this is maddening. I started a thread about this same issue a while back.


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