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text frame snapping crash

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Hello there,

i found a new problem, this time it´s while i try to snap the frame to the minimal size.

After i change the leading override in one line and try to double click on the lower part of the text frame
publisher freezes and i need kill it with the task manager.
I´ve got the newest version of the beta and also of Win10.
It happens on my desktop and also on my notebook.

I couldn´t find anything somewhat similar on the forum so i started this new thread?
Is that a new problem? Or am i missing something?


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I am having this exact issue when I double click the bottom of the text frame to snap to the bottom edge of the text.

The annoying thing is how many times this bug sneaks up on me because I keep double clicking on the text frame to snap it to the end of text. By now double clicking is basically muscle memory I keep forgetting not to double click. Rolling my eyes, so hard

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I feel you.
Luckily i don´t use Publisher much (yet) as it is still in beta.
Maybe they willl fix it in the next update?
I am having good faith in Serif fixing that before going out of beta :)

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3 hours ago, Chris_K said:

Hi Gmit

Are you getting this in a number of different documents? I've not been able to get this  are you able to attach a document at all that does this for you?


I can provide you with a file. With the exact same element you see there in the video. But no i am having a hard time reproducing that bug with other files. As soon as i copy over the text frame from the video, Publisher crashes again, like it did in the video.


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