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[By Design] In Photo, the Colour Panel doesn't reset when selecting any layer after adding a New Fill Layer

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When a Fill Layer is selected, the Colour Panel will switch into a different mode (only one colour swatch), which allows you to choose the fill colour.

If you select any other layer in the stack, changing the colour in the colour panel will replace the layer's contents with the colour you've chosen (just like if it was a Fill layer)
Both Pixel and Mask layers are filled. The pixel with the colour, the mask with the equivalent grey.

To cause a reset of the colour panel, select another tool from the tool panel.
Then the colour panel will reset to the regular mode.

The steps to reproduce are quite simple.
Produce a simple layer stack, including a mask on one of the layers, so it's easy to observe the effect.
From the Layer menu, choose New Fill Layer.
The Colour Panel will change mode, pick the colour for the Fill layer.
Without changing tools, select any other layer in the stack.
Use the colour panel to select a colour.
The entire layer will change to the chosen colour.

Appologies if this has been mentioned before, I searched for it, but didn't find anything.
If this is the expected behaviour, then you could inadvertantly replace masks and pixel layers with unexpected content.
Usually it is easy to notice, but if you've a very delicate mask created, where it's only affecting a small part of the image, then it could go unnoticed.

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Thanks >|<
Expiremented further after your explination of the expected behaviour. I hadn't noticed the switch to the gradient tool.
But it makes sense.

Because the tool auto-switches to the gradient tool for the new fill layer, why doesn't it switch back to the previous tool when the new fill layer is deselected?

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