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Tab Stops anomaly

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I don't know whether this is a bug or just the way Publisher works, but there seems to be a problem with the last tab stop in tabbed copy area.

The last tab stop seems to be misplaced if the character is followed by a return, but if there is another tab then the character is aligned correctly.

Attached is the screenshot of the document I was working on when I came across this problem.

The tab stops are set at 15mm intervals, as you can see the last tab is not 15mm away from there previous one, but more than that. if you a tab between the last character and the return, the character is then placed at the correct position.

When you import tab separated copy the last character is usually followed by a return, so Publisher should honour that convention.


Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 13.26.44.png

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@StevieB, it is a normal, expected behavior:

It happens when you set your paragraph to centered. Obviously this centered applies only to text behind the last tab, which makes kind of sense, because 'centered' is relative to the frame's width (in difference to a tab).

To achieve what you possible want you simply don't set the paragraph alignment to centered but the tabs only.

In this sample the first paragraph (tabbed) is left aligned, the second is centered:



Indeed: It could even be easier for a series of equal tabs, if it would be possible to set the default tab alignment. Then it would not be necessary to define every single tab but just the first one, which, yeah!, auto-copies its distance to the following you typed in your text frame.

In the following sample 3 auto-tabs are generated in distance of the main entry (here: 20 mm), but unfortunately there is no choice for their alignment. Also the alignment of an additionally defined first tab (here: 10 mm) is ignored by the auto-tabs in its alignment, but, luckily, in its distance, too.


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Thanks for the that!

Another lightbulb moment!

There's a lot to get your head around and when you're used to the way another program works it take a little while to unlearn where things are and how it all works together.

Does make sense though.


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