Hi, Been toying around with the picture frame,
But you'd better call it the "container" because it is more versatile than advertised.

You can use it to have afpub files in it and have this edited in a new tab,with all handling like a single file would.
Now here's my suggestion to make it even more versatile,have it save the embedded file when it's open in a new tab.

ex.Page 1 holds an embedded file >edit this embedded file opens in a new tab>edit the text/image(s) or even embedded files.
If one switches back to Page 1 the contents are updated to reflect the editing in the other tab.
Edit ,let's say colors or a language and save as a new file.
And have the saved file(s) loaded in the Pub File on Page 2 in the first tab and make it editable in a new tab.
Now one can switch between documents and have everything stay in place and only edit some parts,close the tab and save to new
and will be auto reflected inside the Page file/tab