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[By Design] Export behaviour in iPad Designer on iPad Pro

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Something strange has started happening. After months of happily exporting art boards, suddenly it has stopped working. I noticed this yesterday.

No matter what settings or file formats I try, the export doesn't size correctly. For example, if I have an A4 artboard and try exporting to resize to 1800px on the long side, it refuses to correct the short side. I've tried setting, resetting and pretty much everything short of a reinstall.

Example images attached...

PNG image 2.png

PNG image.png

Untitled 2.png

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Hi @RossHall,

Welcome to the forums. 

This seems to be a correct behaviour. Your artboard is in portrait mode, so the long edge would be the Height, not the Width. When you resize it to 2740width & 1800height( which is a landscape ratio ), it does what you asked it to do. You would need to swap the height and width values and you will be fine :)



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Sorry, the reply got sent to spam - hence delay.

The behaviour is NOT correct.

The LONG SIDE of an A4 portrait document is the HEIGHT. When this is changed to 1800px the width is not adjusted to preserve aspect. Instead it is adjusted as if the HEIGHT was the width. Hence the distortion. 

I want to be clear: I change the HEIGHT to 1800px and the WIDTH automatically changes to 2740px (which would be correct for a landscape, NOT a portrait).

If the padlock is ON the distortion occurs. If the padlock is OFF I have to make manual adjustments.

My solution when this occurs at the moment is to save a copy to iCloud and fix it on desktop where it works as expected.

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