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Export/save photo crashes AD and AP

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After reinstalling both AD and AP on my iPad Pro, both apps crashes when trying to export document - share - save image. 

Same if I share as jpg or png.. 

i didnt have this problem before reinstalling the apps.. because of another problem with a font I could not delete. 

I also tried to save the document first, and then reopen it and share, but still crashes.. 

So what to do now? 


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With the app fully closed open Settings > Designer and switch Allow Photos Access to Never and then back to Read and Write. Now open the app and try the Share option.

iMac 27" 5k macOS 10.13 - MacBook Pro macOS 10.13 - iPad Pro 12.9" 256GB

Affinity Photo Tutorials / Affinity Designer Tutorials / Affinity Photo for iPad

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Hi 276ccm,
Do the following: open Affinity Designer and select Import from Photos. Affinity Designer should ask for permission to access Apple Photos - select OK and pick one image (this process is just to get the permission dialog), then close it. From now on you should be able to export/share - save as you were doing.

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