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Recommendations for Workflow Using both Affinity Designer for Mac and iPad

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I'm having some trouble figuring out the best workflow for switching from working on documents on my Desktop (iMac) to my iPad. A couple times I have lost changes I made to my document by somehow saving an older version from one device over the newer version on another device. Can anyone offer some tips for keeping everything straight and not saving over changes? Should I always close out of files on my ipad each time I am done working on them? Or can I leave both the ipad document and the same document open on my mac and Affinity will just seamlessly update them both as needed? I noticed one time that a file open on both devices had the title appended with "Modified" on the desktop after I saved it on my iPad, making me think that Affinity recognizes a new file version and automatically shows the newer version without needing to close and re-open a file.

All my documents are stored in iCloud, and I open them in Designer on iPad using the "Open From Cloud" function, not the "Import from Cloud" function. 

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Hi WayfairnStrangr,

I'd always recommended closing the file on one device, if working on it from another.  This should ensure you are always working with the latest version of the file when you switch devices, as you'll save and close on one device and open on the other.  This should also avoid losing any work when switching between devices

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