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Is the lifetime of the Beta limited?

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Can the current Beta build be used forever or is there a kill switch?

Assume the current version works good enough and I design a photobook with it. As time goes by another Beta build comes out or even the final release and there are breaking changes to the file format that renders it unusable for the new version.

Will I be able to work in the old file with the old version in ten years from now?

Assume that Windows Updates play no role as VMware may help out here. 

Windows 10 Pro x64 (1903). Intel Core i7-9700K @ 3.60GHz, 32 GB memory, NVidia RTX 2080
Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Affinity Publisher

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The betas are expiring regularly, but there has been no issue that I've seen opening files again in a later version of it.

There was an issue trying to use some of the files with afphoto and afdesigner, but that was because they are still on v1.6 not 1.7. However, the betas of 1.7 on those just became available so that may have been addressed.

I've used the earlier 2 apps happily for a couple of years and the version changes haven't stopped anything opening.

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  • Staff

Hi Steps,

The betas typically expire after 30 days, and we would hope to release at least 2 updates in any 30 day period (although we may have to adjust things a little over the coming Christmas period).

We do everything we can to ensure that documents continue to load, but at this stage do not wish to promise that just in case for some reason it may compromise future development. We've helped a few beta testers update their documents which have failed to load after an update, but again cannot guarantee this as a service.


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