Since Publisher comes with some assets like iOS icons and has some predefined Styles like "80s Poster Shines" I wondered if there should be some decorative frames included. I'm talking about an easy way to apply frames like to Picture Frames. I also attached a screenshot from a photobook creation software of their masks. The point is that you can do it with Photoshop and I'm pretty sure that by using mask layers this can be achieved somehow in Publisher too, but it's really cumbersome. If you want to create a nice photobook really quick it's cool to have predfined masks you can apply to an image with one click. Also it would be nice if there is a way to save a created mask to easily reuse it or share with others. My background with using Publisher is that I want to create a photo book and order that as PDF.
I know it's easier to just use propritary software of photobook printing services, but as they don't give you a PDF for your digital archive I watch out for solutions like Publisher. This feature may be useful to reach more normal end users like me that like to order photo books and hate that vendor lock-in that prevents getting a proper PDF of your work. I find the Publisher really easy to use compared to Scribus and VivaDesigner. And of course InDesign is way too expensive for a hobby.
So there may be only very small adjustments to be made for a broader audience beside professionals. What do you think?