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I'm getting reproducible behavior with this sequence: Make a selection on pixel layer>Edit>Fill>Deselect

When I deselect, the unselected part from the original selection also fills, making the whole layer a solid color. See screen captures for the before and after. You can even see the selection is active in the before image.

I found that this also happens when I use the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+F5 but it doesn't happen if I fill using the fill tool (paintbucket). 

I've been experiencing this for a while now. I think I noticed it even before I installed Mojave on my late 2015 iMac, but definitely ever since I installed Mojave.

Before deselecting fill area_screengrab.jpg

After deselecting fill area_screengrab.jpg

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14 hours ago, >|< said:

Until you click Apply button in Fill dialog, you are seeing a preview which considers the current selection, so it's correct for the entire layer to be filled when there is no selection while the Fill dialog is open.

Solution: apply the fill and then deselect.

Thank you! I knew this. Not sure how it slipped my mind. Maybe I just had too many pallets open to notice the Fill window. Operator error, I confess.

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