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How setup and Configure Adobe Campaign

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I have installed Adobe Campaign v6.1 on local machine.

Created a Campaign and delivery but not receiving mail.

While check in Monitoring on Client Console in Process list

1. How resolve these error



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Hi jacksparrow007,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
This is the official Affinity support forum - we only provide support for Affinity software/products here. To get support for Adobe products please contact Adobe support directly or post in their forums here.

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Here you go: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/60754/George-Foreman-Grv120-Series.html

And while we're asking non-Affinity-related questions: My flux capacitor will only be producing 1.06 Gigawatts a few years back, after I decided to buy it off myself for the second time since before I first had one. This, clearly, isn't enough power for dependable time travel. Does anyone know why this should have been when it happens sometime a while soon? If you have an answer, please reply in late June of 2035 when I remember that I will be hyper-browsing the GoogBook MegaNet (TM) via my government-mandated neural implants. Things are complicated so I might not be able to reply until maybe May 1856. Thanks in retrospect.

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