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Photoshop dont see layers in file saved in 1,7 beta AP. Eksported psd doesnt work good

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I have file made in AP beta 1.7. layer have clipping mask and adjustment/fx. i tryed export with any option as psd but photosop dont see clipping mask/adjustments/fx. all is flat.

it have no sense save it as psd in noone can open file corectly in PS. i think that may be a bug, can someone confirm please? i can send file for test 


i send this file to frient for check but he have 1.6.5 verion and cant open file from 1.7 beta


EDIT: i noticed that file made in designer 1.6.5 is not supported with photoshop. i made the same file in designer, export as psd and dost see layers, clipping masks, adjustment etc. photoshop see only flat layers, no andjustments. tested in all export psd option






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Hey nswspider,

It looks like our 3D fx is causing this to be flattened. If I disable the 3D fx and export to PSD (preserve editability) it doesn't flatten the objects from what I can tell.


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