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Export/Import Preference settings

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I have been using Affinity Designer since last week, and already became a fan! However, there are few minor features that can improve the user experience by a lot:

1. Oftentimes I have to use MS Office products and the default DPI is 96, Affinity Designer uses 72 DPI (same as Adobe) and I often have to change the DPI in Document settings, resulting in dimensions changing in mid-design. I would request to add an option to set default (startup) DPI in the Preference window (maybe in the User Interface Tab).

2. Similarly, the startup ''zoom to fit'' setting is annoying and an option can be added in the User Interface Tab of the Preference window to set the startup zoom to user choice.

3. While there are options for export/import of other tools, the Preference window itself needs the settings selection to be saved and be able to export/import. The user can import the setting once and be done with it, no fiddling around required. I have attached a probable location in the Preference Window.


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