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i have a feeling that i accidentally deleted a pre-installed brush under pencils and charcoal brushes of affinity designer for ipad pro. I counted all the brushes of pencils and charcoal and there were 20 pre-installed brushes there. Did i just deleted a brush? Please let me know how to restore it. Thanks.

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Hi Brac Lei Ang and Welcome to the Forums,

There should be 20 brushes in that category, so it doesn't sound like you've deleted any.

The only way to reset the brushes on the iPad, would be to remove Affinity Designer and reinstall it from the Mac App Store.  Just make sure you've saved/export any of the work from the homescreen of Affinity as these would be removed when you remove Affinity.  But as long as you have 20 brushes in that section, you are not missing anything :) 

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