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Hej from Sweden!

I would like to start a project on Publisher beta and plan to buy the final once released. 

Is anyone aware if the final will be fully compatible with the beta? I dont want to loose files ;)



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There is NO guarantee that it will be so, I hope it will but I don't intend doing anything I cannot afford to lose until the final is released and I can work with that.

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This has been on practically every thread where the beta can be downloaded:

22 hours ago, AdamW said:

As this is a beta it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity where you may be adversely affected by the application failing, including the total loss of any documents. 


This was recently posted as well:

6 hours ago, Patrick Connor said:

You files created in the betas should all load into the released version, unless we specifically announce during the beta that we have found a problem with a feature that stops this being possible (we are trying hard to avoid that situation). 


Short version: they are trying to avoid it, but the possibility exists that the file format might change before the final release and documents from the current beta might not open in future versions of the beta or in the final release if they have a reason to break compatibility.

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6 hours ago, SveBjorn said:

YEs, I thought so. 

I am not planning to use it for production but for a private project - still you can imagine that fear of losing data is always there.

Just hope the final is out soon.

Just keep saving your private project as an .afpub file, but be sure to export it as a PDF too.    That way, you will have something to fall back on if the .afpub file has problems opening when the commercial Publisher arrives.      Meanwhile, there is nothing like working with it to learn to really love Publisher!

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Magic mouse.9_9

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>>>Meanwhile, there is nothing like working with it to learn to really love Publisher! >>>

I sure second that statement. :-)
I am also working on a (private) project using the current beta version. And yes, I keep exporting PDFs after crucial work on the project.
Simply the best way to get to know Publisher.
Please note that I am coming quite late to the beta testing and this forum.
But I am already convinced that this will be my application for all my page layout and most of my design needs.
(My history: started out with PageMaker 4.0, tried to like InDesign early on, used Quark XPress a lot for client’s assignments, checked out VivaDesigner recently, and produced a lot of mostly private projects with good old PagePlus ;-) 

I can live easily with the fact that many feature will be added later to Publisher.

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