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Daniel Gibert

[By Design] Duplicated and renamed artboards don't change export slice names… again.

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This is an old, old, old solved bug returning on 1.6.1

If I duplicate an artboard and change the name, its associated export slice retains the old name. Also, changing existing artboard name doesn't change slice's one. It is happening randomly. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not, I can't find a pattern to give you steps to reproduce. Not sure if is a general issue or is triggered by something. I suspect it happens on documents created in the previous version. It seem to work correctly on documents created directly on 1.6.1

Feel free to request further info or a problematic document.


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Hi @Daniel Gibert,

If that only happens with "old" files, the issue might be within that file version rather than software version. You can try this on a document that has got the issue. Create a new artboard, and then check if it renames correctly. If it does, you would have to either manually rename the artboards, or, alternatively, delete the artboards and re-create them. 

Let us know how it goes



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Hi @GabrielM

I've tested and it seems that any artboard on some documents from the previous versión is getting the bad behavior when opening on 1.6.1

New artboards on the old documents works well as you suggested. I think/suspect that 1.6.1 is "damaging" the artboards or that some kind of incompatibility is on the artboard code itself, because on the previous versión of AD all worked fine with all files.

Also I checked on other documents and it seems that there is some bit of random on the issue. Maybe it is happening on files that have evolved (duplicating, saving as, renaming…) from a much older version. Just tested on an April file and worked fine, but other files not. 

I'll keep you informed if I find more clues. Meanwhile i'll try to "convert" problematic files into new ones.

Thanks and keep going!

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