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Replace Document - Preview does not update

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Here is a bug I stumbled upon:

When I replace an image via the "replace document" button on top, the document (an Affinity Photo file in my case) gets updated and shows up correctly in the thumbnail pages on the left. However in the central workspace the old image is shown when zoomed out. Once I zoom in the image changes to the correct one. When I zoom out it changes to the old one again.

One note on "replace document" it would be great to have a shortcut for this or/and put it also into the right click context menu.

Great job so far, this looks like it will be a great app once finished. ;)

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Hi DM9

What you are seeing is cached previews which are made to make zooming and panning quicker. Usually these caches are overwritten quickly but with more complex documents such as afphotos  this can be slower to update, you often see it tile out. But they will update eventually after a short while


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To be honest, one would expect "replace document" to purge the cache immediately. It shouldn't take minutes for a document with seven images and a couple text fields. The only way to reliably refresh the preview images for me is to quit the app and reopen. 

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