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Hi, im new to Affinity and I like it a lot.


In photoshop when you drag a file from folder directly onto a canvas youre working on - it resizes to the same size as canvas which is very convenient


In Affinity photo when you drag it it keeps its original size and its very painful to resize it each time. Also sometimes it simply gets pasted somewhere outside the canvas and its not even easy to locate it.


Is there any way to drag the file onto canvas and make it resize to fit it?

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Hi @mckmcr,

I'm afraid no. Drag-drop will always place without resizing. You can use the File > Place and click-drag on the canvas. This way you can resize it while you're placing it. 



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Same here; every damn time you drag and drop an image into Affinity canvas, its dumped in full size and you have to zoom out and scale back the image inside the canvas again (and no i don't want to use the place option in the menu as the default file viewer is very impractical compared to just drag, its after all a "windows drag & Drop" OS, im using :-)

Again and again, hundreds times a day, so if there is no option to drag and fit the size inside the canvas automatically and as default (as in Photoshop), I will move back to Photoshop right away...

And... on top of that you have to change you tool to Move tool every time as well, - is there no way to make you own default tool, mine is for sure not to be the view tool, that's already very  handy the space bar short cut... 

Please make this standard...

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