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Liquify Push Forward Tool Delay

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Hi! It seems like liquify tools have delay.  For example if you want to push forward sligtly using short strokes (especially with Apple Pencil) the distortion won’t be applied at all. You need either put the pencil and wait for a couple of seconds or make a longer stroke and then adjust back to the desired level of distortion.  

It feels very weird and confusing and makes liquify tools hard to use. 

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Hi iband,

Welcome to the forums :)

I've been testing the push forward tool on a RAW image using an Apple Pencil, and although I have noticed a slight delay of the image redrawing after applying a stroke I can't replicate the distortion not being applied. Could you possibly provide a screen recording of this for me? In Affinity Photo under Settings>General you can turn on 'Show Touches' to allow me to see your pencil strokes.

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