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Caleb O. L.

How do I create a custom solid brush in Designer for the IPad Pro?

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I know how to create a raster based brush that can be used in the Vector Persona of Designer for the IPad Pro  

What I want to do is essentially make a brush out of a vector shape or set of strokes.  Is there a way to take a set of individual strokes (see attached image) and make them into a new brush that scales and stretches as I draw? Like a typical vector brush found in Illustrator. I don’t want to have to convert this to a jpg, then slice it, then bring it back in as a New Textured Intensify Brush.


Can I make a new custom Solid Brush?  I just want a clean black shape exactly like the image attached as a brush. Is that possible? It can be done in .AI no problem. I realize this isn’t .Ai but I was hoping there is a way to do it. 





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Ok I figured it out. 


To get the effect I wanted I just created the vector shape with the pencil tool. Used a white stroke with a black background so I could see what I was doing and the white allows for colors to be changed. Made a slice of the shape group, exported it out as a PNG-24 to a folder on the iPad. Then brought it in as a new textured brush into a newly created brush set in the Vector Persona. For some reason I wasn’t getting this result when I tried this a billion times earlier. Obviously I was doing something wrong  only took 5 hours to figure it out.


What a bizarre way of doing it. But I guess it makes sense since Designer is so intertwined with vector and raster graphics. 

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