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Richard Liu

DxO Nik Plugins Installed but not Working

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I took advantage of Black Friday sales to purchase DxO's Nik collection.  I followed the installation instructions for installing the plugins into Affinity Photo.  They show up Preferences > Photoshop Plugins, "Allow 'Unknown' plugins to be used" is checked, "/" is in Plugin Support Folders and "Authorize Global" is greyed out.  When I select a pixel layer in the Photo Persona I can select only one of the plugins that appears in Filters > Plugins > Nik Collection, "HDR Efex Pro 2".  All the others are greyed out and cannot be clicked, not even the two that have status "Working."  HDR Efex Pro 2 did run when I clicked it.

I am running Affinity Photo 1.6.7 on macOS 10.13.6 on a 2018 MacBook Pro 15" with Touch Bar & Touch ID.  The pixel layer is "Background," generated by the Develop Persona.  The file that was developed was a Nikon RAW (NEF) created on a D7200 using Adobe RGB.  The Develop Persona uses the ROMM RGB profile for output.  Neither Lightroom nor Photoshop is installed on the machine.

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Hello @Richard Liu,

I think you opened the image in 32 bit.
The Nik Collection can only handle 16 bit or 8 bit, except HDR Efex Pro 2.
Convert the image to 16 bit, then NIK Collectin should work well.



Affinity Photo :  Affinity Photo-Beta :     Affinity Designer : Affinity Designer-Beta

Affinity Publisher-Beta       Windows 10 Pro  (Version  1809 Build 17763.437)


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