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Crashes upon Saving

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It has happened a few times to me that Publisher (version 174) crashes/becomes unresponsive upon saving. At first I thought it was related to saving/replacing an existing file, but it happened to me yesterday with a completely new file, too. I then force-quit, restart, and usually just continue.

Yesterday Publisher refused to start after this force-quit. Weird things was that it displayed "Force Quit" in the Dock, appeared in the Force Quit Window (as responsive), but there was no process visible in the Activity Monitor. No click on any "Force Quit" would remove it. I tried to kill that by logging out, but the log-out failed, so it seemed, due to these weird remnants. I cold re-booted the Mac, after which everything returned to normal.

That's on a late 2012 Mac mini running Mojave, in case it matters.

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Hey elgarak,

Sorry nobody has replied to you before now. Have you managed to install the 192 beta? There has been quite a few fixes since 174 so hopefully this newer build will be more stable.


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