I'm curious.  I haven't seen anyone address this, and if they have, please accept my apology for overlooking it.  I think we can all agree that Serif PPX9 is a pretty outstanding application.  So I am curious to know why Serif is reinventing it in Publisher.  I mean, if you want Publisher to run more like InDesign, add InDesign functions and change the interface to look more like InDesign.  But keep the foundation of PPX9.  Creating a new learning curve for long time users of PPX9 seems a little strange to me.  Not being able to open a PPX9 file in Publisher makes me feel as if Serif doesn't even think highly of their own creation of PPX9 or their existing customer base.  I have been loyal to Serif since 1996.  Having to recreate all of those PPX9 files to switch to Publisher seems a little insane. Does anyone else feel this way or is it only me?  I am not here to cut Serif down, believe me.  I love how incredibly generous they are.  And personally when it comes to business ethics, Microsoft and Apple could learn so much from Serif as I think they have the best business ethics of any software company out there.  I also believe when it is all said and done, Publisher will give InDesign a run for the money.  But I can't understand why they wouldn't incorporate the functionality of PPX9 into Publisher?  I think the learning curve to switch from InDesign to PPX9 isn't as steep as the other way around.  So if you are trying to woo InDesign users over to Publisher, it shouldn't be that hard.  Especially if the interface is spot on.  I worked in InDesign, but I still love PPX9 better. I became a secretary when WordPerfect was king (1994).  I could do anything in that application.  But when they started preloading Microsoft Office on Windows, companies started switching like mad.  Fortunately mine didn't.  I depended heavily on Reveal Codes as I could edit them and see things that the Reveal Codes in Word just refused to see.  And at that time, you COULD NOT open a WordPerfect file in Word.  I worked in property management had to re-create HUD forms from scratch as fillable pdf wasn't around yet, and it was a huge pain in the toochas to keep filling out HUD forms on a typewriter (you couldn't submit any forms to HUD that had whiteout on them).  So there was no way we could switch.  I actually still use WordPerfect on my own time because I refuse to conform and it still does all I need it to do.  I would be lost without the subdivide page function.  I use it all the time. My point is...  Why fix something that isn't broken?  Why not just give PPX9 a face lift and add InDesign functionality where it is needed for those wanting to make a change?  Does all the programming and code get changed because the interface changes? I have a friend on Mac.  He is thinking of switching to Windows but doesn't want to deal with the learning curve.  So I suggested he load a Mac shell so it still looks like his Mac OS and he doesn't have to sweat the change so much.  I am just wondering how other PPX9 users feel.  Not looking to fight or anything.  Just wondering why the need to reinvent such an awesome wheel? I kind of feel like a stepchild now and InDesign users are the favorite son.  I hope this doesn't upset anyone.    I am still loyal to Serif.  And out of all the telemarketing calls I may get, I am tickled pink to take theirs.