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Crash when adjusting text color in embedded file

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I have an Affinity Designer file which is simply colored text, which is a logo for a company. I embedded that file into another Designer file which is for a business card. I clicked on the embedded file to adjust the color, and when I try to adjust the color of embedded text, it crashes Designer. I've done it twice in a row, and the same thing happens.

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I've uploaded a sample file and a crash log (which has full specs on my Mac - but in short a 2018 2.9 i9 MBP with 560X graphics running 10.14.1).

To be even more specific on how to get it to crash, you click through to the embedded graphic, then select it, click on the color in the inspector, and then you need to click into the color selector and then drag. It doesn't crash until you try to change the color by dragging.

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Thanks for your file and the crash log, it's more than useful :)

I can replicate the issue with your document and therefore I have logged this issue with our developers.

The crash is occuring due to both documents having different Colour Formats. Your 'master' document is set to CMYK, and the embedded file is set to RGB/8. If you change either file to match the other colour format, ie change the master to RGB/8, you should find the crashing stops.

Hopefully this will be fixed shortly, but this should provide a workaround in the meantime!

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