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PDF opening errors

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This issue is present not only in 1.7 Beta of Designer but across all Affinity applications on PC. ( also in 1.7 Beta Photo, 1.7 Beta Publisher and stable versions of 1.6.5 of both Designer and Photo).

I cant include whole thing as it is official, legal document but I managed to extract example of problematic part and I am including it as a file. In short - in Affinity applications some PDFs are opened with some letters overlaying each other, having unnecessary spaces between letters and so on. Here you can see what I mean:


PDF opened in software like Sumatra, FoxitPhantom etc. is not presenting any of that issues. Sample file with described problem attached to this post :) Hope that helps to make Affinity even better!


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I have just opened a pdf file in this program, and yes, the words were overlapped - I have not seen this in Serif Page Plusx9(the program I normally use.  The regular "type" was AOK but any of the type done in an "artistic font" was doubled impossible to read.

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