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Request: Black & White tutorials for ipad

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Hello, I'm new to the ipad (it's my only computer at the moment) and to Affinity Photo, which I love so far.   Previously I used Nik Silver Efex (within PS) on a Mac to create fantastic b/w images, and admittedly never gave much thought to what went on "behind the scenes" with the various color components.  Now with Affinity I see I can change the percentage of each color, and I'm sure there are other methods, but I have no idea where to even begin!

Do any tutorials or write-ups exist that will teach me how to process images into b/w to achieve various moods and styles?  Perhaps recipes or techniques?

Thank you!

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Hi alfacinha,

Welcome to the forums :)

I'd recommend checking out the following tutorial, although not specifically designed for our iPad app, it offers insight into black and white image composition that may be useful!


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You just need to be carefull with the color change. In design for example, when converting a logo to B&W, we take care to have the most important color to be converted to the more important B&W color: black.
Red usually is the more visible color (unless there's already black in the logo), and it will be converted to black, and the other colors depending of their intensity in different shades of grey.

When converting a photo to B&W, red is usually converted to a faded grey, and playing with percentages for each color can help  to get back the focus on the main subject, the main colors of the picture.


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