First: Thanks for this very useful tool. 1. Yup, an advanced documentation with explaining equations is needed. 2. No way to save a preset for the bottom (variable/modifyer) part, even when add a new variable. 3. The "filter" just works to areas where content is, not on "blind" areas. Thats often great and wanted, but sometimes i just want a "canvas all" behaivior, so a switch how its working would be great.  4. If i save presets the blendmode and opacity should be part of this. But with the option to disable this, by switching presets. 5. the equation it self is hard to see. Would be great if i mouse-in a bigger, better readable float would appear for writing my eqaution. 6. For the variables 0,1 /1.1.... would be great to set multiply-factor direct here, instead as complex part of the main-equation. (Example: i want a range from minus 0.25 to plus 0.75 so i just hit in this factor-filed *0.5+0.25.   It would be also great if a slider... can booth. The precise step-fore/back and the fast fader-behavior. So clicking an fader AND the left/right keys just increase by one step. or holding shift slows down the slider... (BTW: should be general behavior of ALL sliders).