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Stefan Johnsson

Moving multiple nodes in Designer for iPad unpredictable

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If you have a shape with many nodes like a letter converted to curves it’s very difficult to select and move multiple nodes. There does not seem to be any logic to what node will move all of them. I get that the concept is to select the nodes and then pick one node and move all of them together. This does not work most of the time if there are many nodes close together. You have to select and find the random node that seem to move all of them. If you select the wrong one just the one node moves. It’s a strange way to do this and to me looks like a bug. 

It’s also too easy to deselect all the nodes you want to move forcing you do start over. This really needs to be fixed right away as this is a main feature in any vector program and Designer can not be used as is. 

If I’m misunderstanding how to do this please let me know. 

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So the problem is that it’s too easy to select the control handles when you have multiple anchor points selected. The handles have to be long for you to not move just one handle. There has to be a better way to make sure all the anchor points moves together after they are selected. Why would you want to move just one control handle after selecting multiple anchor points?

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That’s great to hear!

If this was my app, that has the potential to replace something like Illustrator, I would drop all other development on Designer and work on this. Selecting and moving anchor points is the main interaction with vector shapes in a vector app. Most of the vector apps available on the iPad have this figured out and the bar is very low for vector apps on this platform. After all these are free apps that have this working and Designer has not. 

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