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Bug: Color/Gamut Clipping issue when RAW/RAF developing

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2018-09-30 01.22.55 [X-S1].7z

I know this file is a particularly difficult sample, but I've been watching your journey to improve such files since the 1.5 release and beyond, and I'd like to see the RAW processing engine handle things like this better before 1.7x launch, if possible.

I've collected a number of comparison images across other engines in this thread below:



Affinity Photo does worse than most every other RAW processing engine I've tested, though I've seen improvements from v1.6 stable to v1.7 beta, though they're not drastic. However, the proper application of the Lens Profile is most welcome and appreciated.

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On ‎11‎/‎23‎/‎2018 at 6:15 AM, Sean P said:

Hi Saijin_Naib,

The original issue is still with development to be improved, so I've passed on your updated feedback to the development team.

Thanks for letting us know :)


I hope I don't come off disparaging or too critical. I'm hugely fond of Affinity, but it just doesn't work with my RAWs well yet. I hope you can get things worked out, not only for my sensor, but for all RAWs.

thanks for your work!


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