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Isometric mode problem []

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I'm not sure how it's supposed to work but I can't reproduce the behaviour from thisĀ Ben's video. I have isometric grid with created plane set, then:

  • open Isometric studio, select Top (or any) as a current plane and turn on "Edit in plane";
  • switching to any shape tool (rectangle, ellipse...) turns "Edit in plane" off, so turn it on;
  • when I try to create any shape in selected planeĀ  it creates regular (non-isometric) one AND turns off "Edit in plane" again (becomes annoying);
  • ok, so I use "Fit to plane" - this works well;
  • turn on "Edit in plane" again and try to rotate-in-plane - in vain, the rotation is non-isometric!

Now I am confused, what am I doing wrong?

BTW the remaining four functions in Isometric studio work well.

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I wonder the same and couldn't get placing shapes and rotating in 'isometric space' to work. Didn't have much time so will investigate further another time, but did a little trying and was confused too about how this should work. I was probably doing something wrong

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Hi Rudolphus,

I can confirm that Edit in Plane is not correctly working on Windows. It should remain on and any new objects will be created according to that plane, and any existing objects can be edited in that plane (for example Clicking Fit to Plane, will then allow you to use Edit in Plane on existing objects). However the current behaviour will always create objects not on the plane, causing that option to be disabled. I can also confirm that rotate isn't working either using Edit in Plane.

I'll get it passed on to development.


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