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Dropcaps not working correct with Baseline Grid active

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Hi Affinty,

for some versions now i cannot get the dropcaps working as intended (at least in my case ;-))

What happens (on a newspaper layout i created from scratch - used this for years in InDesign):
- got a 5 column layout with a baseline grid
- write an article in a textframe, activate dropcaps (in the paragraph portion of the studio)
- Dropcaps set to 3 lines - works a intended (starts at line 1 and is 3 lines high)
- now activate "align to baseline grid" (also in paragraphs) - nothing else is changed, just activate "align..."
- suddenly the same dropcap is 5 lines high with an additional empty line above it (making it 6 lines total)

Am i missing something here? This keeps bugging me, as it would be an essential feature for my work with newspaper layouts.

Thanks for any advice,

2018-11-21 11_06_45-Window.png

2018-11-21 11_07_48-Window.png

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Hi Carsten,

I may need yo to provide me an example file that shows this for me to look into. Are there any other specific attributes applied to the text? Are you using a particular font or have any custom spacing values?

I've tried this here in 174 and the drop cap always stays at the height of 3 lines of text even when adjusting the baseline grid


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