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Booklet printing

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Hi Argee,

I answered your three points by email, as you requested. Hope this will help us to figure out your issue and provide you great support.

Just a side note about the "unfair" word. Don't you think it's also sightly unfair to call our app “not very good” or “doesn't quite get it right” when no support contact have ever been made (beside asking for a refund) and while we yet have no clue if it's Create Booklet related? ;-) We did had bugs, most probably still have some, but we do have a vast majority of insanely satisfied customers.

I hope you'll consider my proposal on my email answer to send us your input document, or accept my screen sharing session for live support.


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Hi folks,

Thanks to Argee answer providing us with it's Affinity file, I managed to find out the issue.

Here's a screenshot of the Affinity Published Print Panel:
When I compared the print preview to the actual look of it's document pages, I noticed that the margin was way bigger.
Obviously, if when sent to Create Booklet, Argee couldn't have the expected result since it's already "wrong?" on the generated PDF from Affinity's Print Panel.
So indeed, playing with scaling/position etc. on Create Booklet could not help much.


Now that I knew that the issue was not Create Booklet related:
I don't know yet why, but it appears that the "Fit Type" dropdown on the Affinity Print Panel is the cause.
I've not took a close look to Argee's document settings so I cannot tell if it's a bug or not, but when I choose "Fit to printable", with it's document, everything worked fine on the preview, thus on Create Booklet.



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It's "Humble Pie" time. Firstly, apologies to Édouard <edouard@thekeptpromise.com> for doubting the capabilities of CreateBooklet 2. As you will see above, after I sent the afpub file, the issue was found to be rectified by selecting "Fit to Printable" - no idea why, but selecting this results in an identical booklet being sent to CreateBooklet 2. The subsequent printing went without a hitch, using automatic duplex (remembering to set Short side binding - which CreateBooklet 2 reminds you to do). I can now unconditionally retract my disparaging comments and admit that it works well, provided you send it the correct info.

Another apology is due to the members of this forum for taking up so much time and space on this topic. However, a bug seems to have been revealed, so all is not lost. I look forward to the day when the GM of Affinity Publisher is released, together with a workbook, hopefully.

Sorry again, to all involved!


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14 minutes ago, slaytex said:

Are you kidding? Affinity hasn't figured out how to make the booklet printing work on a Mac?

That's not quite the issue. Serif (i.e. the makers of the Affinity apps) did indeed "make booklet printing work on Mac." There are certain aspects of its implementation that may not be satisfactory to all needs (for example, no way to export an imposed PDF except via print to PDF), but it is not accurate to say that booklet printing from Publisher does not work, because it in fact does.

Also, please note that this is an old thread: the post before yours dates back to before Publisher was released.

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