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[Poll] Do you need a DAM? And what should it be like?

Do you need a DAM-program by Serif? And what should it be like?  

413 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you need a DAM?

    • No thanks. I'm just fine with the OS native File Browser / I happily use a 3rd party program for browsing my assets and RAW editing.
    • Yes. I would like to have an Asset Browser. It should provide reliable Preview of all Affinity filetypes and of other popular file types. I do not work with RAW files / the current RAW editing implementation works well for my needs.
    • Yes. I would like to have an Asset Browser, but it needs to have a powerful RAW processor built in. I often work with numerous files which need common base-corrections as well as individual tweaking – therefore the Develop Persona and working on single files one at a time doesn't cut it for me. I would appreciate better interchange with 3rd party RAW editors, hence sidecar files were very helpful. Affinity still could embed the RAW file along with its settings for compositing with other artwork – but in a way that one can return to the DAM for further tweaking of the input RAW file. Note: This implementation should work equally well for those who voted for 2).

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A DAM would be useful, very useful. 'Need' is different to 'would like'. If Affinity produced a DAM that could manage Affinity files and maybe other files associated with our projects, and pricing was reasonable then I would buy it.

Almost everyone writing on this thread puts the emphasis on organising photographs. An Affinity DAM would manage all the assets associated with Affinity publisher, photo and design. That would be very powerful. Can Adobe Lightroom manage InDesign and Illustrator files?


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Ok, I see this thread was started a long time ago, but there are some fairly recent comments, so I’ll join in.

What I would like the most is industry-standard metadata (EXIF, IPTC, etc) in ALL my Affinity files (Designer, Photo and Publisher), with the metadata accessible to a third-party DAM, and the ability to enter/edit in much the same way as Bridge (or even better LR).  I have a lot of files - many thousands, many of those are .PSB larger than 8GB - and I doubt I could manage my files without extensive metadata and search capabilities.

I currently use Bridge which is part of an Adobe Photo subscription, despite the fact it cannot process Affinity files. I frequently process batches of RAW files that need identical (or very similar) edits, and Bridge with ACR does that well.  I don’t like subscriptions, but I haven’t found an alternative to Bridge yet.

My Photo subscription includes Lightroom Classic, and I found that attractive primarily because it allows you to accumulate multiple edits in the catalog, which you can export to the associated files in a single write operation.  I almost never do image edits in LR because it lacks Photoshop capabilities that I need for large files (that may have changed).

My biggest annoyances with Bridge are

  1. It seems to try to apply edits almost immediately they’re entered, so multiple edits to a single file usually leads to multiple writes to the same file, which is very time-consuming for large files.
  2. It can’t really manage my growing collection of Affinity files (I compensate by creating exports to carry the metadata).

I would very seriously consider switching to a capable DAM with full support for industry-standard metadata and file formats, especially if sold under terms similar to what Affinity currently offers (full offline functionality, no data exfiltration, no subscription).  Periodic paid upgrades are fine - the folk making these tools should be paid for their efforts.  An approach that uses text sidecar files, like .XMP files, might be a good solution.

I am very unlikely to use a web-based solution.



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