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Missing Font issues better, thanks, and...

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Wanted to let you know this previously reported basic problem, linked below, appears worked well so far:

It's dealt with in as much as you can now fix it in a document. Where a font identification was previously mangled (see report), now you can successfully select the text, re-apply the proper font name and variant, and will see and be able to save the repair. No problems either upon re-opening.

What I noticed still missing is a stable way to find a missing font, as the mangle caused to appear in this case.

- what actually happens is that you get a temporary toast as the file opens.

- this rapidly disappears, and there could be many of them, given conditions of having moved the file away from asset paths, for example

- Warning toasts are fine enough, but I think what's needed is a document sanity/preflight panel, as this can be steadily worked on to clean up a  Publisher file.

I kind of imagine you're planning such a sanity panel, so hope this can highlight a couple of  cases it needs to handle -- missing fonts, apparently missing because no longer properly pathed assets or any kind of inclusions.

I have to say Publisher is a joy somehow  to work with. I have InDesign CS6 and actually like it well, but come to you because of two things: no subscription handcuffs (thus security updates, purchase substantial upgrades per need, etc..), and that I keep finding, your very real insight and intelligence evident in design -- things that just work better, are intuitive and prominently nicer to work with.

Thanks for all, and here's that original report:


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HI narrationsd

As I'm sure you are aware we do have the font manager which will tell you if a font is missing and allow you to locate all instances of that font. But a more comprehensive preflight is something that would be a good addition in the future

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