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16bits files TIFF Compression, again...

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I just made a quick look in Affinity Photo beta Not enough time to dive further in, for now. But, once again, might you please add a choice for TIFF compression, or at least don't use LZW. ZIP would produce much better results. 
LZW is totally useless when working on 16bits files, worst of all, it increase the file size about 10 to 20%. Why do you go on with a default LZW compression ?

Adding a choice for compression parameters is not a fancy feature, almost every high grade photo software has this.



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I second the sentiment. Just downloaded 1.7.105 and am still getting 16 bit compression issues. Could we just have an option to disable compression, and also an option to remove one of the 'F's out of a TIFF, constantly have to rename extension for the 3d apps that won't recognize extension.



on the left uncompressed alpha in zbrush, on the right unprocessed just exported 16 bit out of APhoto


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