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Custom order of Text Styles

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Hi guys.

If any of the below statement is wrong please correct me.


I work a lot with InDesign and there's one thing in Publisher that vexes me: so little controll over Text Styles list. I mean the lack of ability to create directories and to sort elements as I wish to.

I am used to having styles in a order I use them in a document (first headers, than paragraph variants)


To do that in Publisher I would need to prefix them with a number. But it makes later reordering quite hard.

I tried that once and I ended with style called "8.25 Chapter number". That's very stup... ekhm... inconvinient.


When it comes to directories: I'm aware of concept of Group Styles which was indended (?) to substitute directories. But the behavior is different.

I work a lot with bi-lingual publications and in InDesign I very often make two directories with the very same styles (the only difference is language used for hyphenation). i.e. when I work with English I collapse French directory.

In Publisher I can't have two styles with the same name:



I would really appreciate the ability to organize styles in directories and to sort styles and directories according to my needs.

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It was already discussed, since some of us find those folders usefull.

Hierarchical order is nice whrn creating filed and text styles, for knowing which parent style modifying, for example.

But the end user that'll only need to apply styles depending of the section of the document he's working on, don't need or know this.

The only relevant way to organize styles for him is with folders containing only the styles for this part.

Folders help to avoid long names for styles (type of style + part of document + variant...).

Numbering styles id an old way to do this... As in old basic programming language, using 10, 20, 30... and 11, 12... for styles in some parts.  Or using numbers depending of the pages they're used on...

I'll need to do more tests to find  something that suit all my needs.


If you only need 2 variants for each styles, can't you first create the 1st set, with or without numbers for order and a letter prefix (E)nglish, and dupplicate each style of your first set modifying the first letter for (F)rench ?

When ordering by names the 2 sets would be distinct, ordered by letters and numbers.

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The Serif team generally does not comment on suggestion requests, @SirPL. You might get lucky and they will have some reason to comment, but usually all you can depend on is that they are reading them.

When the Roadmap is released we'll know at least the major items they intend to add.

-- Walt

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I'd also like to request this. And while the hierarchical grouping would be nice, just the simple feature of letting the user (me) drag to re-order the styles in the list would go a long way. Now I can't seems to change the order of the styles in the list at all?

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3 minutes ago, gafvert said:

Now I can't seems to change the order of the styles in the list at all?

Number it like 01 Base text, 02 Bullets, 03 Abschnitt etc.pp. But this is just a lame workaround.

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