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Affinity Designer PSD export improvement?

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Has anything been done (or can anything be done) to have better compatibility with PSD's in AD 1.7?

I just did a quick test, exporting a simple file with 1 line of text and 4 simple shapes as a PSD and opened in the latest version of Photoshop and they're all rasterized, which is not useful to me when I want to work in Affinity Designer as my primary tool and export PSD's for clients to have an editable copy of the work since they use Photoshop. Does that make sense?

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@MattP Yeah I can totally understand that! :(  It just seems to me that the ability to export PSD that actually is editable within Photoshop would allow us designers to use Affinity Designer/Photo 100% of the time and still give the client the format they want would really help with adopting the affinity apps into peoples workflow much easier. As it is now I have  to work in Photoshop (for many clients) when really the affinity apps are much more intuitive for me.

Anyway, thanks for all of your hard work! Looking forward to 1.7 release!

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Yes. I agree. 

I absolutely love these new Affinity tools (Photo, Designer, Publisher), but importing from and exporting to Adobe file formats will be a key strategic piece for the widespread adoption of these great Affinity tools.

  • They've already proved that they can build first-class professional design tools.
  • They've nailed it with a customer friendly price and licensing agreement.
  • Now, breaking through the barrier to widespread adoption (which is Adobe's dominant position, and the strong network effect of being regarded as an industry standard) is the last key strategic challenge for Affinity to overcome. And this is all about making it easy and painless for designers and their clients to round-trip documents between the Affinity and Adobe apps. 

I want to abandon my Adobe tools so badly, in order to be free of their onerous subscription licensing agreement, and the Affinity tools appear to be a godsend, but I don't operate in a bubble. My collaborative work flows demand that I be able to exchange editable files back and forth with others outside of my office.

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