Hi Wafer, Just want to say that I'm sorry we aren't making the right decisions for you, nor are we making them in the timeframe you feel is acceptable. I understand that and accept it. We're working as fast as we can with the resources we have. Whether you agree with our decisions or not, only we really know the factors which guide our business decisions and we're making products we're proud of and excited about. I know nothing about the inner workings of your business, I suspect you know a similar amount about mine - which is fine. Are your devs on your forums talking to customers about the decisions they make and how to improve your features? All of our new construction tools, Node Tool functionality, column guide and Isometric studio features are entirely as the result of talking things through with customers and engineering a solution for their needs, so to suggest we are not delivering for our customers is just not true. How you may view our priorities is guided by what you can observe... but what you can't observe is that actually the person writing a lot of the things you've called out as your priorities is going to be me and I've been writing the iPad version of Designer for the last year, so I've missed almost an entire cycle. As I've explained earlier in this thread, the iPad version is now written so I can get back to adding features... You're now going to say to me that I shouldn't have been developing the iPad version and that I should focus on customer requested features as priorities - and I'm now going to refer you back to the beginning of this response where I do try to politely point out that you can't possibly know what is actually critical for our business to succeed and that we are talking to customers daily and trying our best with our resources to offer something we're proud of and excited about. I have to say that if, as you alluded, you're used to developing large scale products with complicated interactions, then I'm genuinely shocked that you can predict with accuracy the timescales different items will take... We generally find that development of research projects to levels where they're ready for public consumption takes an extremely unpredictable amount of time - and always has. Sometimes things go better than you hope, sometimes they go much worse... but if you're under pressure to hit a timescale then you are forced to pursue a route which will lead to a poor solution There's no doubt in my mind that we offer a genuinely great alternative to just about any other design/illustration application and we're working to improve it to the best of our abilities. We'll get there, but rushing will just wreck the whole thing and it's not what anybody actually wants to receive and not focusing on the things our business requires along the way will result in no products at all... The updates are free, they'll keep on coming and we're trying our hardest. The decisions we make aren't accidents or misguided if you understood our business (which nobody else could unless they worked here and were privy to all our meetings). There's nothing to be too down about, is there? Thanks again, Matt