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Paste FX is totally unreliable

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Hi Affinity Team,

I’ve waited too long to report this: Copy and Paste FX is totally unreliable, especially when pasting on different objects. For example, when I copy an Outline of 6.4 px, upon pasting, the size of the Outline get completely messed up, no matter if I check Scale with Object or not. It will simply never be pasted with the exact 6.4 px size.

What happens is I often have to copy the data to an external text file, paste FX on the desired object, then retrieve the values in the text file, one by one.

I wouldn’t call that a Release Version.

Would it be possible to fix this? It is getting harder and harder to work with Affinity Designer because I feel you guys are too busy with Affinity Publisher or Photo to even fix basic stuff. I could list all the problems here but you probably are aware for most of them.

Thanks for understanding.

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Hi pcote :)

Thanks for your report, this has been reported previously and is currently with our development team to be fixed. I'll bump the thread with your post, my apologies for any inconveniences in the meantime.

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I add my voice to this one - especially for text. Whether I'm using paste fx or creating and using an fx preset, there are 4 parameters for drop shadow and 2 for outline. The first and last drop shadow parameters are correct, the middle two seem totally random, the first outline parameter is good, the second one isn't. This makes them unusable.

So I have to memorise the numbers and then enter them manually, doable, but even that would be easier if I could use the tab key to move between the input boxes as I'm used to doing practically in any other app that has an input box, but in affinity that closes the tool panel or something, which is not too helpful.

I'm exporting from libreoffice to pdf and then importing the exported pdf into Affinity Photo specifically to get the drop shadows on the text that libreoffice can't do quite so well (less customisation options).

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