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Ability to edit styles!

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I'm really surprised and disappointed to see this doesn't appear to be possible (please let me know if I'm wrong!).  If I create a style, apply it to several items, and then realize it's not quite right (too dark, needs something extra, etc), it doesn't appear that I can adjust a style in the style library, and have the changes appear in all existing instances on the canvas.  That really limits the power and point of making styles.

So far, it seems I'd have to edit an item on the canvas, create a new style, and then manually apply it to all the items one by one again... perhaps only to find it still isn't quite right.

Why can't styles be edited?   I really don't get it.  It feels like having a copy/paste feature, but you can only paste once, and then you have to copy the item again before pasting again...

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I was able to a Select All within a Section and then Text  > Reapply Text Styles.  It is still a hemorrhoid to do.  I'm hoping a future release will include an automatic update of styles. It appears that styles might be section specific.  If that is the case, then it will be difficult to fix.

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I find styles so limited that I don't use them!

Really need to be able to update them.

Would also love to be able to stack several styles onto an object…

Example: Make a style for a blurred drop shadow, another for a certain font, and a third for a gradient and outline.

Now apply some or all of them, in an order of my choosing, to any objects in the document.

@Harold Trammel there is a difference between Styles and Text Styles.

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 I certainly can edit line styles. Not only did I create my own but I accidentally overwrote the defaults. Does anyone know how to get those back?

 I’m a newbie but yes, the system seems clumsy and difficult.  Does anybody know if you can tie a style to specific brushes? That would be really nice. 

 I found the same problem. What I’ve learned to do to reduce frustration working with styles, is I will apply the FX style to the whole layer. So in other words, add drop shadow to the whole layer. Then instead of applying to each object, then draw all your drop shadow objects on the designated layer.

If anyone has a better workaround,  or if I am not using styles properly, please let me know. Thanks 

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