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Beta 162 Crashes Graphics Driver

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After installing Beta 162, I decided to rework the Master Pages in a test document. I added 100 or so new pages to the document. I began assigning Master Pages to document pages. I added content in two ways. First, I created front matter content from Assets I had previously created. Second, I copied chapter stories from a real document in PagePlus 9, and pasting that content into text frames in Affinity Publisher, using Paste Special/Unicode Text. I set the Text Style to "Body Novel" which I created for the test document. I then made text formatting changes, such as adding a Drop Cap to the beginning paragraph, and increasing the size of "scene" change paragraph first characters. I worked on this for a couple of hours. Suddenly, after pasting some new content, my display went black, I received a warning that my display driver had failed and recovered, and Affinity Publisher spontaneously closed. No other running application was affected--only Affinity Publisher. I noticed this happen a couple of times before when using Affinity Publisher. I cannot reproduce this at will. The only thing I can think of is that it tends to happen when I've been using the program for a long time--several hours.

My graphics display is a GeForce GT 710. My computer uses an AMD A10 quad-core processor, with 20GB RAM, 27" ASUS Monitor.

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