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Allow selected spread to shuffle feature request

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I've seen this request somewhere else on this forum, but can't find it.

I've been using Indesign for the past 16 years, and Quark for about 10 before then, and am really excited about the development Affinity Publisher!

One feature which I will be needing is the ability to have more than two pages side by side. This is particularly useful when designing and proofing roll-folds on PDF as you can show front cover, first reveal, full spread, all within the same document and then shuffle the pages ready for artwork.


[] cover

[][] 1st reveal

[][][] full reveal

[][][] back

I also use this feature if I have to shuffle pages about, or amend a design with existing content on a large document. So have the moved page temporarily on the right or left of the spread so I can compare.

Thanks :D

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In addition to the use I initially created the request for, I've been using the newly launched Publisher and have found it a bit of a pain when you (read clients) need to swap pages. With facing pages as it currently works, If I need to move or swap a page, Publisher automatically reflows the other pages.


Original pagination





I need to swap pages 2 & 6

Publisher  automatically flows everything to this





Easy enough to fix on a small document, but would create a mine field on larger documents!

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